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Hello Friends, Welcome to Phillip Holland Dot Com

My name is Phillip Holland.  This website,, is about me.  I’m a middle-aged guy feeling both older and younger than my age.  I like fine wine, loud music, both types of football, and freedom.  I dabble in a variety of small businesses, and provide freelance services and consulting for well matched clients.  I post irregularly on my blog, and I take photos when inspired.  I sing loudly in my car, and I am focused on getting the most out of this special opportunity we call life.

Welcome to my site – please, don’t hesitate to irrationally judge me based on incomplete information.

What I’m Up To These Days

Holland Web Marketing

Holland Web Marketing

My Internet Presence Management firm works with select clients to maximize their exposure on the web.  Our small team hand crafts all aspects of our clients’ internet presence to ensure a consistent and professional brand identity throughout customer engagement.  We prefer to stay small and nimble and work with clients that are the same – Fortune 500 companies need not apply.  We’ve served clients in a range of industries, including food service, construction, literature, wine, production goods, and real estate.  Our selective approach allows us to only work with best-fit clientele.  Please contact us if you are interested in developing a relationship.

Nashville Catastrophe Services

Nashville Catastrophe Services

Nashville Catastrophe Services is an industry leading storm damage restoration firm based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  We excel at restoring homes damaged by catastrophic storm events – wind, hail, ice, tornado, and everything in-between – to their original beauty.  Our team of project managers and contractors are professionally trained to identify compromises to your property, ensure that an accurate insurance claim is filed and fulfilled, and completing the work in a timely, safe, and high-quality manner.  Please contact us if you suspect you have sustained any amount of storm damage.

Recent Ramblins…

Keeping Up

A certain amount of Keeping Up is part of our social contract. I’m wondering when Keeping Up just isn’t worth it?

What is your “Dope”?

“Dope” is what we do when we’re seeking pleasure or avoiding pain at the lowest common denominator. It is that quick, easy shot of something to kill our anxiety, or our worry, or our apathy, or our self-loathing. It is that thing we need to just deal with our day, to deal with the people in our lives, to deal with ourselves. It is what we do when we don’t want to do anything. It is how we avoid and postpone life.

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