Yeah, you read that right.  I want to behave just like my buddy to the left here – ol’ Pinocchio.  I want to tell you all about how healthy I’ve been eating, and going to the gym 6X/week.  I want to brag about how much weight I’ve lost, and how close I am to my goal.  Alas, I can’t do any of these things.  They would all be lies, and I’d be cheating.  For the first time, I’m really starting to take some old soccer wisdom to heart: “If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself”.  How true it is!  I have no incentive to cheat here – if I lie about my weight, who am I lying to?  You guys – the internet?  Sure, but that’s not who gets hurt by the lie.  There is only one person that would get hurt by lying about my progress – ME.  Well, it’s not pretty, but it is what it is, so lets break it down.

To be honest, I haven’t “officially” weighed myself all week.  I weighed myself last Sunday, and remember seeing something like 193.  I figured “Eh, no big deal, when I’m hitting the gym and eating healthy all week, that will disappear in no time.”  Problem:  I got sick, again. I didn’t work out Monday – oh no, I didn’t even leave my bed Monday!  I didn’t work out Tuesday either, or Wednesday for that matter.  I had plans Thursday, and Friday, was, well, Friday.  By Saturday I figured I might as well wait until Monday – in order to get a fresh start.  So here it is Sunday, a week since I last weighed myself, a week since I last tracked my calorie intake, a week closer to giving the Republican party $800. Down to 5 weeks left now, and it is going to be tough.  If I were to guesstimate where my weight is right now, I’d say somewhere around 194.  That leaves me almost 3 pounds/week to lose – that’s not healthy.  Truth to be told though, probably 3 or more pounds of that weight is water/food waste.  I have to reasonably lose around 2 pounds/week through diet alone to reach this goal now.  Wow.

I can’t blame it all on the sickness though.  I think I’ve experienced the “You’re not going to make it, so why even try” overwhelm this last week.  The problem is, of course, that that feeling is false, a big lie.  Sure, I’ve made quite a challenge for myself.  Sure, it’s not gonna be easy.  But can I do it?  YES! What’s it going to take?  Nothing I haven’t done before, written about before, thought about before.  If my update next Monday looks anything like this Monday, then maybe it would be a good time to start betting against me.  On the other hand, if my Monday update next week looks anything like I want it to, then put your money on me friends.  I’ll be 180 pounds by April 15th.

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