Obviously, you can’t put too much weight into this (pun unfortunately intended).  But I DID lose some weight this first week: 2.3 pounds and .6 % bodyfat.  It’s early, of course, and there it’s just as likely that 2.3 pounds can be put back on in the next week – Thanksgiving is coming up.  With consistent effort over the next week, I should be able to mitigate the effects of gorging on turkey, or possibly even lose some weight as well.  Hold on though – that’s looking forward before we’ve even looked back.  Here’s the recap:


I did pretty well this week eating a variety of healthy food.  I was able to go shopping Monday night, and that set me up with a lot of good choices for the week.  I followed all of my “rules” – no fast food, no soda (except Fanta Friday), no seconds, and greens with every meal.  I had a lot of salads this week, which is cool because salad is infinitely variable.  Best choice: Spinach, shredded chicken, grapes, feta cheese, and honey mustard dressing.  Since I’m not counting calories, I look at a salad like that by what it gives me – not how “bad” it is for me.  Sure, honey-mustard isn’t the healthiest dressing, and I could have left off some of the cheese or less chicken, but the salad was delicious, made me feel good, and in comparison to fast food or a burger, it was pretty darn healthy.  I also had a great cheat day on Friday – my friend Andy Bell got married to the amazing Jennifer Hibbard – or, Jennifer Bell now.  I took advantage of the situation to visit a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for a long time: Mizuna.  My friend Kandra shared dinner with me, and we didn’t skimp.  3 appetizers and 2 entrees later, we skipped dessert only because we were too full (and consequently too broke, but I’m sure I could have scrounged up change for dessert if my belly would have allowed it).  I spent the rest of the evening binge drinking and eating cupcakes, so I knew I had really cheated on my cheat day.


I worked out 3 times this week, which is a decent start.  Twice I went to Qi in the evening, and I also went for a jog/run/walk earlier today (I was feeling guilty about saying I only worked out twice).  The elliptical machines at Qi are my primary calorie burner, but I’m going to try to vary my workout some.  Both times this week I started with a casual 15 minute bike interval workout, to get my muscles warmed up and my heart pumping.  Then I would stretch well, especially my legs.  After stretching, I hit the elliptical machine for a 30 minute workout, which made me pour sweat.  I imagine that I lost primarily water weight this first week, but that’s just speculation.  I tend to prefer the elliptical machines because there is no impact, and my knees and ankles are both weak and carrying more weight than they should.  I ran for less time today, but my ankles and knees hurt because of the impact of running.  I also still have kind of crappy workout shoes, so that doesn’t help while running.  Eventually I’m sure I’ll be able to run more and for longer periods of time, but while I’m still breaking myself in to consistent exercise, I figure lower impact is better.  I also tried out a sort of stair stepper machine, which again was low/no impact.  That machine will be beneficial for snowboarding, as it really worked my legs.

I didn’t do any strength training this first week.  My body was pretty sore Wednesday, so I let it go for the first week.  I anticipate adding some strength training in on week 2, as you’ll read below.

Looking forward:

This next week is atypical because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m planning on going up to the condo on Thanksgiving night through the weekend, so I won’t be able to make it to Qi.  At least one day, I’ll be snowboarding – possibly twice.  I’m not counting on it for a workout though, so I plan on working out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday will be much like last week, with a long workout on the elliptical.  Wednesday night I want to do a short workout on the elliptical, then do some strength training base level calculations on the Kinesis system.  The Kinesis system doesn’t have weights, it has numbers, but you can still get a good idea for what numbers you need to be at and improve through if you record it.  Unlike aerobic workouts, where is usually best to just listen to your body and workout until you’re tired, I think strength training benefits from an amount of recordation.  I won’t be posting that info on the blog, mostly because I don’t think it would provide my readers with much value.  I may occasionally try my hand at more traditional weights to get an idea of where I am, but the bulk of my strength training will still come from using Kinesis.

Well that about wraps up the first update.  If you think of any additional information you want or have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.  Thanks for the support everybody!

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