In keeping with the “write about whatever the hell I feel like” theme, I think I’ll share a little hobby I have going.

In 1998, The American Film Institute put out a list entitled 100 years…100 movies.  Basically, it was the top 100 “important” films in American history.  I stress the word “important”, because I don’t think every film on this list is great, but rather had some sort of important impact on American film making and/or watching.  Of course, many or even most of the films on the list are great movies as well.  A few years ago, I realized I had a dearth of movie knowledge, and I wanted to correct that.  I picked this list out of the blue, and began watching movies on the list.  But I was going about it in a haphazard way, randomly renting something from the library or borrowing it from a friend, watching it as I saw fit, and that was that.

Now that I’ve moved into my new apartment and I’m not throwing money away on cable TV, I’ve decided to take up this project again, but in a bit more deliberate way.  I’m starting at #100, and going down to #1, regardless of whether or not I’ve seen it before.  I’ll also post a review on each movie here on  These reviews may be short, long, subjective, objective, biased, boring, in-depth, etc.  I may watch 10 movies in a week; I may watch one movie every 10 weeks.  But whenever I do watch a film on the list, I’ll post a review.  As I review them, I’ll add a page with links to each review.

#100 is Yankee Doodle Dandy.  I can’t lie – I’m not exactly thrilled on this movie, even though I know next to nothing about it.  I was told it is a “musical, about musicals”.  I figure every movie is on this list for a reason, and its up to me to find that reason.  Wish me luck. 🙂

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