Hi, I’m Phillip Holland.


This is my website about Me.

Who is Phillip Holland?

Forged in the Mountains

That isn’t true.  But he grew up looking at them in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Career changes took him across the country, and he has landed in Edwardsville, Illinois, outside of St. Louis.

Business Owner and Operator

Holland Web Marketing provides small business internet marketing and consultancy.  H&F Exteriors handles insurance claim restoration projects for clients throughout the Metro East of St. Louis.

International Celebrity

No one knows it, though.  Current thumbtacks on the map include 15 European countries, Mexico, the Caribbean and darn near the entire United States.

Fancy Schmancy

A keen knowledge in wine, developed from years of finishing bottles in the restaurant business, he can rub shoulders with high society at any function.

Country Bumpkin

A glorified hog farm, barren soil, and washboarded dirt roads were where he cut his teeth.  Familiar with many aromas of barnyard excrement.

Seriously Unserious

Unserious isn’t even a word, is it?  He’s passionate about deep thinking, constructive argumentation, and fart jokes.

Things I’ve Created


I write occasionally and sporadically.  Check back for updates every 3 minutes.  Here are a couple recent ones.  You can check the archives here (I deleted the old, boring ones).

Keeping Up

Keeping Up

A certain amount of Keeping Up is part of our social contract. I’m wondering when Keeping Up just isn’t worth it?

What is your “Dope”?

What is your “Dope”?

“Dope” is what we do when we’re seeking pleasure or avoiding pain at the lowest common denominator. It is that quick, easy shot of something to kill our anxiety, or our worry, or our apathy, or our self-loathing. It is that thing we need to just deal with our day, to deal with the people in our lives, to deal with ourselves. It is what we do when we don’t want to do anything. It is how we avoid and postpone life.


I like to take photos because I can’t draw.  Or paint.  Or sing.  Or dance.  Look at my photos and think, “That is a nice photo for someone that can’t dance.” 

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